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All You Need to Know About PCOS and Fertility

One of the most common reasons a woman has trouble getting pregnant is a condition called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). It is a hormone problem that interferes with the reproductive system. Women with PCOS have unusually large ovaries with cysts that contain immature eggs. One in five women of the reproductive age suffers from PCOS. […]

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Correlation Between Pregnancy Success and Sperm Count and Quality

Infertility is the inability of couples to conceive, or the failure to get pregnant after a year of regular sexual intercourse without contraception. Today, one in six couples struggle from infertility and it is rampant among both men and women. Often, male infertility is due to issues with the sperm, such as poor sperm quality […]

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Fertility and Age – How are they Connected?

A woman’s reproductive life starts when she gets her first period, typically around age 12 or so, and lasts until her last menstrual period (that’s menopause). However, since women’s egg quality and egg count decline with age, they do not remain fertile during the entire period of their reproductive age. Age has a negative impact […]

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5 Ways to Lift Male Fertility and Enhance Sperm Count

Male infertility is a rising problem among couples who are trying to have a child. It affects one-sixth of the couples and about one-third of these cases is due to infertility issues with the man alone. The number of sperms present in a semen sample is the total sperm count. It is evaluated during the […]

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‘The Perfect Period’ – The inseparable bond between menstruation & fertility

Most of us are not comfortable discussing menstruation; we tend to avoid the topic. However, it is important for us to educate ourselves about this normal physiological process and understand that regular menstrual cycles are extremely important for the female fertility health and well-being of a woman. The menstrual cycle prepares a woman’s body for […]

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