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There is evidential proof that there are strong links between men’s reproductive health and general health. Most of the problems faced by men related to their sexual health if
undiagnosed may have a ripple effect on their general health. A diabetic condition may
heighten the chances of getting a sexual or reproductive disorder and similarly, conditions such as erectile dysfunction may sometimes be an early indicator of heart disease.
At Femiint, we offer niche services including consultation and treatment for problems related to male sexual health. We believe that the faster the diagnosis, the more effective will be the treatment for even the most common conditions that affect men.

About Frozen Embryo Transfer

Femiint Fertility Bangalore’s top Frozen embryo transfer centre offers great treatment to get pregnancy from the first cycle.

Frozen Embryo Transfer involves freezing of remaining embryos from the fresh IVF cycle (after the embryo transfer). Embryo can be stored up to 10 years and if the first cycle is failed, these frozen embryos can be thawed and used in the subsequent cycle or for the siblings in the future.

​In few cases, the embryo transfer is cancelled due to medical conditions such as Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). So, all those embryos can be frozen and used in the next cycle.

​FET reduces the strain on woman’s body and also reduces the negative side effects of ovarian stimulation, required for the repeated egg retrieval in fresh IVF cycles.

​FET success rate depends on quality of the frozen embryos how well they survive the thawing. Studies suggest that success rate of FET has dramatically increased.