IVF – How You Must Prepare for the Emotional Ride and More

Couples finding it difficult to conceive because of infertility often seek for medical help through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

In this procedure, an egg and a sperm are fertilized externally in a specialized lab. Once the egg is fertilized (embryo) it is nurtured in a safe environment for a few days before shifting it into the uterus. IVF gives many couples the hope to have a baby.

Understanding the IVF Process

At most health centers and clinics in India, the IVF treatment is coordinated by a fertility expert, assisted by a team of attendants and counselors.

Here is the detailed step-by-step process involved in an IVF treatment:

1. Initial Appointment with a Doctor:

In your first appointment, the fertility expert doctor will look at your past medical records and all prior treatments.

2. Consultation Before the Treatment Starts:

During this meeting with your doctor, how you have to go ahead with your treatment will be discussed and most of your questions on the entire procedure will be answered.

3. Treatment Starts:

You will be given the medication and the nurse will explain the timeline of your treatment and train you to take the hormone injections.

4. Monitoring Treatment:

Blood tests will be carried out to measure the number of ovarian follicles and hormone levels. These tests help determine the right time for collecting the eggs.

5. Trigger Injection:

You will be given a trigger injection after which the egg collection procedure will be carried out. On the same day, your spouse will have to provide his semen sample to fertilize the eggs.

6. Egg Fertilization:

The eggs are transferred to a lab and put in media to carry out the process of fertilization.

7. Embryo Development:

The embryo is placed in incubators at a temperature that mimics the human body’s temperature.

8. Embryo Transfer:

The embryo is moved into the uterus.

9. pPregnancy Test:

Finally, you will have an appointment with your doctor to have a blood test 14 days after the transfer to find out about your pregnancy.

Emotionally Surviving the IVF Stress

Going through an IVF procedure is an all-consuming process that can emotionally drain any woman. Here are some tips that will help you prepare for it:

  1. Find support groups, blogs, and communities to join.
  2. Talk to people who have gone through IVF.
  3. Write about your experience and share it with others.
  4. Find healthy distractions and reward yourself.
  5. Try meditation.

Effective and Helpful IVF Success Tips

Normal IVF success rate is between 20-35% because a fertile couple has about 15-20% chance of conceiving on their own. Here is a list of tips that you and your spouse could try before you go for IVF:

  1. Include good fats in your diet in the right amount
  2. Avoid food items with high glycemic index
  3. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, smoking.
  4. Be physically active.
  5. Get the help of a counselor or therapist.
  6. Rest and take good care of yourself.

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