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Female Age

Reproductive potential of women is limited compared to men. At the onset of menopause, both quantity and the quality of the eggs decline, the hormones become imbalanced and menstrual cycle become more irregular.

Woman’s fertility starts to decline gradually after the age of 35 and dramatically drops by 40.

The female fertility declines due to the reduction in ovarian reserve (decline in the follicular pool or eggs) and also deterioration of egg quality.

The genetic quality of the egg declines with age. Studies suggest that DNA repair mechanism begins to break down as a woman ages and the impaired DNA causes infertility, chromosomal abnormalities, miscarriages. It is said almost 50% embryos are affected and down syndrome likely to occur more in older mothers.

Advancing maternal age increases the risk of Down syndrome so embryo screening for chromosomal abnormalities is crucial for the expectant mothers who are above 35.