Endometrial thickness and embryo implantation

Relationship between endometrial thickness and embryo implantation on Uterus:
Live-birth rate of fresh IVF or ICSI cycles depends on healthy endometrial thickness(more than 7mm is recommended),embryo quality.

The endometrium, uterine lining or endometrial lining is the innermost layer of the womb, where blastocyst embryo implantation takes place and the gestational sac develops, marking the beginning of a new pregnancy.

Endometrium thickening foods have nutrition effects and help to maintain a balance of hormones and improve blood flow. All of these factors together assist in the development of the ideal endometrial thickness for pregnancy.

Foods Eat for Endometrium thickness:
1. Lean meat
2. Animal proteins
3. Rice and oats
4. Beans and legumes
5. Lentils
6. Cabbage
7. Green leafy vegetables
8. Nuts
9. Mushrooms
10. Seeds

Foods to Avoid:
1. Dairy products
2.Red Meat
3. Processed food
4. Wheat flour food
6. Trans Fats
7. Refined sugar
8. Wheat
9. Soy products
10. Alcohol