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Fertility Treatments – Myth Versus Fact

Have you have been trying to conceive unsuccessfully? Have you had unprotected sex for over a year, with no results? Are you worried about conception because one or both of you are over 35 years?
You need expert advice.
Femiint Fertility at Whitefield which is rated as one of Bangalore’s Best IVF Fertility Treatment Centres owing to its high success rate has a specialised team of doctors and staff who will be happy to walk you through your questions, however small they might appear to you.
Let’s explore some common myths and facts regarding infertility and fertility treatment.

Six Myths about Infertility and Fertility Treatment:

Myth No #1: Fertility is not an issue for men and women below 40 years

Age does have an effect on both men and women.Women are born with an ova bank of around 10 to 20 lakh eggs.
These eggs will not increase. Every month they lose about eleven thousand eggs before puberty, by which time they are left with about 3-4 lakh eggs.
Subsequently about a thousand eggs are inevitably destroyed every month. By the time they are in their late twenties the numbers have drastically dwindled.
The quality and quantity decrease, with each passing year. Men over the age of 40 begin to have a decline in the quantity and quality of sperm that is produced.

Myth No #2: Being young and living a healthy lifestyle is a sure sign of being fertile

Healthy living is a key to living a full life and increases the fertility index. However, healthy living is not a guaranteed indicator of fertility. A healthy man who can ejaculate is not necessarily fertile.
Semen is an organic fluid that may or may not have spermatozoa (sperm). A normal ejaculation may contain millions of sperms. But men can also have no sperms or a low sperm count.
The motility of the sperms as well as the quality of sperms is directly linked to fertility. Even for healthy women, one in ten below the age of 30 years is infertile. This percentage increases with age.

Myth No #3: A failure to conceive is because the woman is infertile in the majority of couples

This is not true. Studies have shown that 1/3rd of the problems with infertility are related to the male, and 1/3rd to the woman. The remaining 1/3rd is related to unknown causes.

Myth No #4: IVF does not necessarily result in conception or may result in more than one child

IVF treatment is a reliable procedure which most often gives positive results. The IVF treatment cycles are planned around the woman’s ovulation cycle. Advanced technology usually ensures the formation of a single or multiple embryo. With expert consultation, the chance for failure is minimal.

Myth No #5: As long as one has a healthy sex life, one can keep on trying for a child

A healthy sex life is not a precursor to pregnancy. There could be issues faced by either partner.
Delaying treatment can be costly. Besides, the success rate is better with age.

Myth No #6: Having one Baby ipso facto means one is not infertile

Secondary infertility which is the inability to conceive after the first child is a reality. This can happen due to many reasons, from either partner, such as low production of sperm in men, blocked fallopian tubes in women etc.
If you are struggling with secondary infertility, don’t despair. There is hope. Consult a Fertility Specialist straightaway.
Femiint Fertility is a specialised IVF treatment Center at Femiint Health Hospital, Whitefield, Bangalore. Give them a call on 080-4931-1111 to fix an appointment with a Fertility Specialist.
At Femiint Health, IVF treatment costs are affordable and the treatment is personalized. You could soon be on your way to bringing home a bundle of joy.
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